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So what about that CO2?

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CO2 is considered a greenhouse gas, yes, we know. But we capture CO2 from natural and industrial processes where it would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere. So at least you get a chance to use for something first. Many people do not realize that CO2 comes up and out of the ground in many areas of the world, usually near hot springs or volcanic activity.

CO2 is a liquefied vapor. Think of it like water, if you heat up water to 212F you get steam. If you heat up CO2 above -30F you’ve got gas! Yes, it is trying to boil off inside the cylinder. A funny thing happens at over 89F, it’s almost all boiled off at that point and is just a vapor, no liquid.

That’s when the inside pressure of the cylinder really increases. So keep that in mind when you store filled CO2 cylinders. Usually the cylinder is pretty strong, usually good for about 120F-140F before it ruptures. But what we worry about are the Genuine Innovations inflators used in the tire filling business. We have never seen one with a pressure relief device. Once the CO2 cylinder is punctured, then the integrity of the cylinder is gone and now it is the plastic inflator device that has to hold all of that pressure. They recently had a recall on one of their products, a lot of people were hurt. Check out our “Safety Bulletin” link for more info.


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